Monday, 21 November 2016

Pharmacy Assistant Course in odisha

Pharmacy Assistant Course in odisha

Students in a pharmacy assistant's course program are introduced to a wide variety of pharmaceutical topics. The curriculum of most programs combines classroom coursework with laboratory and clinical experience. 

Dhaneswar Group of educational institutions provides  Pharmacy Assistant Course. The course provides an opportunity to interact with and learn from highly qualified and experienced professionals. The retail pharmacy is a vital health advisory centre in which graduates play an important role in.
The course assists you to enter a respected profession which continues to grow from strength to strength.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Diploma in Practical Nursing courses in odisha

Diploma in Practical Nursing courses in odisha

Be at the centre of healthcare with the Practical Nursing program. Our intensive, two-year diploma will prepare you for an exciting career where you’ll work one-on-one with patients, making quality care your main focus. You’ll learn about various concepts, including teamwork, collaboration, leadership and lifespan, determining how these principles apply to your line of work. Our combination of theory and hands-on learning will set you up to work with individuals of all ages and challenges in a rewarding and caring career, administering medications, and monitoring, planning, implementing and documenting patient care.

BSS Diploma in Pratical Nursing (Two year) (First year)

Paper 1.
Fundamentals of nursing, pharmacology and microbiology.
Paper 2.
Anatomy and physiology, sociology, psychology and first First aid.
Paper 3.
Nutrition, Family planing, communicable diseases and elements of midwifery.
Paper 4.
Practical for paper I, II & III Three praticals.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Diploma in Medical Lab Technician courses in Odisha

Diploma in Medical Lab Technician courses in Odisha

At Dhaneswar Group of Educational Institutions, Diploma programs are available for those looking to fulfill the requirements for becoming lab technicians. A lab technician diploma program will typically last 1-2 semesters and focus on one core set of skills used in the laboratory. These diploma programs are typically introductory in nature. Certificate programs are a more common avenue for becoming a lab technician.

 Completion of an accredited certificate program qualifies aspiring lab technicians for a variety of positions and national certifications. Both types of programs address similar topics, including serology, phlebotomy and laboratory computer applications, but the certificate program includes more in-depth coverage of lab subjects. Admissions requirements vary by school and program, but may include a high school diploma and basic science courses. 

Handling of the Apparatus

Accurate measuring, weighing etc.

Cleaning of the apparatus

Accurate analysis

Accurate processing and storage of specimens

Accurate Reporting and storage of clinical data.

Clinical significance

Limitation of the Tests

Friday, 11 November 2016

OT Technician course in odisha

OT Technician course in odisha

A Variety of electrical and electronic equipment are in use in modern operation theatres for monitoring
anesthesia & surgical procedures. The success of the procedures and safety of patients depend largely on the reliability, smooth and trouble free performance of these equipments and skilled anesthesia. There is increased need for qualified and trained hands in the field. This course is aimed at satisfying this need of the state.

An operation theatre technician is responsible for the management and work done in the operation theatre like noting the number of in and out of patients in the operation theatre, taking care of the surgical instruments, sterilization of the instruments, arranging table in the operation theatre, dressing table, anesthesia table, instruments table and also managing the staff. 

Other duties include managing medicines and drugs needed for surgery and also have to assist the operating surgeon while performing the operations. Surgeons depend on operation theatre technicians for assistance in doing surgeries. No hospital can work without the contribution of an O.T. technician.

As the number of hospitals is increasing every year, the opportunities for O.T. technicians are also on a rise. Several reputed colleges and universities are offering courses in O.T. technician. 

Course content : During the course, students are given firsthand experience of the lessons they learn in the classroom. Examinations, discussions and seminars are conducted regularly to enhance the knowledge of the students. The faculty is well experienced to train the students as per the existing standards. 
Job prospects After the completion of this course, students can choose to work in private and public hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. Persons who want to be associated with medical field can benefit from this advance course in O.T. technician.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Dental Technician Course in Odisha

Dental Technician Course in Odisha

Dental laboratory technology is the art and science of manufacturing corrective devices and replacements for natural teeth.
Restorative (or prosthetic) dentistry is when we lose our teeth, through an accident or illness, and they need to maintain normal functions.  Orthodontic treatment is when teeth must be moved or stabilized to optimize functions or prevent painful dysfunction.  The patient’s dentist will plan the treatment and place the restoration or corrective device in the patient’s mouth.
Cosmetic Dentistry is the comprehensive oral care that combines art and science to optimally improve dental health, aesthetics and function.  Common cosmetic dental treatment options include: whitening, contouring, bonding, dental bridges, veneers and gum lifts.
A dental laboratory technician communicates and collaborates with the dentist to plan, design and fabricate dental prostheses for individual patients.
Dental technicians do not have direct contact with patients. Instead they work in a dental laboratory where various prosthetic appliances are custom made. Dental technicians can be thought of as artists who, with a thorough understanding of dental materials science, use their artistic skills to fabricate the form, colour and function of individual teeth or maxillofacial prostheses for a patient. The fact that the product can affect the health and appearance of a person demands of the technician a high level of responsibility and accuracy.
The dentist is responsible for providing dental laboratory with a prescription detailing final treatment choice and for placement of restoration or corrective device in the patient's mouth. The dental technician aids the dentist in material choices and case design and is responsible for fabrication of the final prostheses or corrective devices.
By fabricating esthetic dental prostheses that work well and by improving the patient’s smile, the dental laboratory technician influences not only patient’s physical and dental health but also improves his or her confidence and self-esteem.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Dialysis Technician Course in Odisha

Dialysis Technician Course in Odisha

Dialysis technicians work in hospitals and medical clinics operating dialysis machines for patients whose kidneys don't function properly or have completely failed. Prospective technicians can enroll in certificate programs at Dhaneswar Group of Educational Institutions and are required to pass state licensing exams before they are eligible to work in hospitals or clinics.
Patients generally receive dialysis at a hospital or clinic, with an attending healthcare professional present while the technician operates the medical equipment. Dialysis technicians also prep patients, give local anesthesia, monitor patients’ progress and create written reports for the doctor. Without dialysis, patients with renal failure would have few options; dialysis technicians help these patients reclaim life one dialysis at a time.
The subjects taken up in dialysis training can cover such areas as learning about the equipment used for renal dialysis, the ethics and laws of medical care and certain techniques a technician will use when caring for his or her patients. There will be many hours of supervised clinical training.

A high school diploma or GED is required to enter a dialysis technician training program, which typically includes courses in venipuncture, local anesthesia administration, vital signs monitoring, preparing patients for dialysis and recognizing the warning signs of complications. Dialysis technology programs usually consist of equal amounts of time spent in classrooms, clinics and laboratories.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Physiotherapy course in odisha at Dhaneswar Group Of Educational Institutions

Physiotherapy course in odisha

Physiotherapists play an integral part in the health sector and hence are required in all hospitals.
Excellent interpersonal skills are necessary for the job of a physiotherapist because it is very people oriented. To be a good physiotherapist, one needs an above average analytical and logical reasoning skill, scientific reasoning and problem solving skill, ability to memorize and recall scientific facts, manual dexterity and physical stamina to work long hours, patience and understanding of people, a sympathetic approach towards the patients, a keen desire to help people live their normal lives, must be level headed to deal with emergencies in work conditions, strength of mind and purpose, team spirit, good observation power, ability to instill confidence and courage in patients.These attributes together with a thorough knowledge of the human anatomy are the makings of a successful physiotherapist. The work demands an organised and systematic way of working. Working as per the directions of doctors, keeping record of the work done and technical precision are important in the profession.

Students with a science background can opt for a career in physiotherapy. To become a practicing physiotherapist or be employed as a professional in a hospital or clinic, one should have a B.Sc. degree . One could also go in for postgraduation.